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Rules of Survival

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デベロッパー NetEase Games (Hong Kong Netease Interactive Entertainment Limited)

Welcome to the arena of RULES OF SURVIVAL!
You will be one out of 120 unarmed players who get air dropped into a vast, deserted island. Only the last one survives. it is not a game. You are writing RULES OF SURVIVAL!

Remember! Your safe zone is diminishing. You are racing against poison gas spreading, enemies shooting, and ultimately death chasing.
You could either fight alone or form a small team up to 4 players. Collect weapons scattered, arm yourself to the teeth, wield your wisdom and tactics, loot gear from the unlucky.
Alert !!! This is not just about a game. This is about a life & death fighting.

【Game Feature】
Run or Fight!
- Absolute fair play in a massive HD map.
Last Man Stands!
- Solo or team mode in a 120 survivor’s battle.
Pick and Use!
-Variety of firearms and accessories.
Fast and Furious!
- Drive vehicles across different terrains.

it is not a game. You are writing RULES OF SURVIVAL!

リリース ノート

2018/01/11 | バージョン : 1.0.8 | サイズ : 641.2 MB
1. New Features
- Added firearm camo feature. Players can change different camos for their firearms under the Looks interface. Firearms picked up in battle will be automatically changed to the set camos. Camos do not influence anything but the look of the firearms.
- Added a new look, Bunny Girl and two firearm random camo packs to the store.
- Optimized the Looks interface. Players can now directly spend regular Look Shards, advanced Look Shards or diamonds to purchase looks.
- Added Token Store feature. Players can share the game daily to gain tokens. Tokens can be used to exchange for gold, limited looks and other items in the store. The Token Store will offer more items in future updates.
- Added Advanced Supply Box. Players have a chance to gain a special Punk Set via opening advanced supply boxes. Special sets are only obtainable via advanced supply boxes or combining advanced Look Shards.
- Added a team-up request feature. Players can send team-up requests in the Team Channel to find other players to join forces with.
- Added Spectate feature in the Battle Result interface. Players can spectate after all team members have been killed.

2. Gameplay
- Added special audio cues for zombies.
- Zombies are now able to gain a wider scope of audio cues.

3. Audio and Visual Effects
- Added a new action of bicycle passengers. The passenger on the back sits sideways and hugs the one on the front.
- Xmas supplies will no longer appear in-game, including Xmas apples, Xmas candies and Xmas hats.
- Added a sound effect when bullets zip past players.
- Optimized the sound effects of zombies.
- Changed the BGM before players parachute onto the battlefield.

4. UI
- Improved visual effects of the tactical map.
- Optimized the display logic of meds. Now the meds displayed will be adjusted according to the player' HP.
- Details are now displayed after converting duplicate looks.
- Characters now make random poses when trying on looks in the store.
- Updated the Share Look feature. Now the picture shared indicates types of the looks (Headwear, top, bottoms, etc.).
- The remaining validity time of Weekly and Monthly Passes is now displayed.
- The name of the vehicle is now displayed when a player is killed by a vehicle.

2018/01/08 | バージョン : 1.0.7 | サイズ : 626.9 MB
1. General:
-Optimized character movement and surface performance consumption.
-Released a patch for newly-discovered x-ray hack.

2. New Content:
New vehicle - Speedboat! Players can now ride atop the sea straight into the battlefield!
New throwable item - Molotov Cocktail! This item can be looted on the battlefield. The ground on which the item is thrown will erupt into flames, and players within the scope of the fire will take continuous burn damage. After some time, the fire will automatically extinguish.
-Updated the bicycle. A back seat has been added, so that now up to 2 players can ride it.
-Added a new "Stat" page to the Data section. Here, players can examine their detailed rank information as well as in-game performance statistics.
Added new items: Weekly Pass and Monthly Pass.
-Added more clothes to the discount store, including some new outfits and packs.
-Added a push to talk button to the team-up menu in the lobby.
-Added a special matchmaking mode - Simple Mode! Some players have mobile devices that do not support grass graphics. These players and their teammates will instead be automatically placed into this mode, in which there is no grass. Players in this mode will still earn the same rewards (rank points and gold) as before.

3. Gameplay:
-Removed the M14EBR's automatic fire mode and replaced it with a 3-round burst mode.
-The zombies in Zombie Mode now have new abilities. Added balance adjustments to zombie HP and attack damage.
-Added a new setting that will cause players' devices to vibrate when their character is taking damage in-game. This option can be activated in the Settings menu.
-When a player's character dies, the camera will now stay in the location of death.
-Optimized vehicle collision effects. Vehicles will now provide more physically accurate protection from bullets.

4. Sound Effects:
-Improved the tapping sound effect in lobby, store, and other interfaces.

5. UI:
-Improved the item durability indicator within the combat interface.
-Optimized the ranks and made them easier to be understood.
-Added a mark of mode in the Battle Result interface.

6. PC Version:
-When players are laying prone, they can tap the jump button to directly stand back up.

2017/12/29 | バージョン : 1.0.6 | サイズ : 619.7 MB
1. New Content
-Added a new zombie mode, which players can select while in the matchmaking menu. Every round, a portion of players will be reborn as steel-limbed zombies, and have the ability to jump across roofs and over walls. Can these -super-powered creatures rule the battlefield? Players can look forward to finding out soon!
-Added a new discount page to the marketplace. Here, players can convert diamonds into gold coins. Diamonds can also be used to purchase special items, including the firefighter set, delivery set, Xmas reindeer set, as well as a bear parachute. Note that these special sale outfits are only available for a limited time, and when the event is over will no longer be available for purchase.
-Added a new assault rifle, the AS VAL, which can be found in supply drops. The weapon has two firing modes, and will include a default 4x scope and silencer. These attachments cannot be removed.
-Added a new voice chat function to the main lobby.

2. Gameplay
-Reduced vehicle HP, and enlarged vehicle turn radius.
-Increased the character's forward jump motion, and made the movement more smooth and natural.
-Optimized the feel of character's sprint when performed after firing weapon.
-Reduced single-shot mode recoil recovery speed of the M4A1, AKM, AR15, and M14EBR. Also increased the maximum overall recoil of each rifle.
-The AWM's default scope has been changed to a 4x scope.
-Fixed issue where effect of flashbang would not display properly, and increased the duration of flashbang's blinding effect. Now, players that are blinded by flashbangs will also be temporarily unable to hear any sounds.
-Increased the throwing distance of throwable items.
-Adjusted the color of the effect that appears when a bullet hits its target, making it easier to distinguish.

3. General Experience
-The developer has punished hackers who were caught in-game.
-Optimized gameplay so as to prevent the freezes that occur while picking up objects.

4. Audio and Visual Effects
-Melee weapons (crowbar, frying pan, rubber chicken) now each have unique sound effects that will play when the weapon is waved around.
-Added background music to login menu.
-Re-created the handling sounds of the MP7 and PP19.
-Optimized the sound effects of the three-wheeler.
-Melee weapons no longer appear in character's hands while swimming.

5. UI
-Completely updated login announcements page, as well as the leaderboard, chat, and friends list features in the main lobby.
-In order to reduce advertisements and spam, now only players ranked Bronze II and above can send messages in the Global and Team-Up channels.
-Readjusted the layout of the Settings menu.
-Optimized the appearance of the "little eye" button.


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