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d20 - an RPG dice roller

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デベロッパー Roy Watson

d20 is a dice roller designed for tabletop role-playing games. Build complex rolls, get detailed results, and save your commonly used rolls as presets. d20 is intuitive, elegant, and powerful.


- Gorgeous modern design that gets out of your way
- Easily roll complex dice combinations
- Keyboard-editable dice roll formulas
- Save your oft-used rolls as presets
- RANDOM.ORG integration for true randomness
- Dark Mode and Light Mode
- See the result of each individual die, in addition to the total
- Highlights critical hits and misses
- View your session’s roll history
- Keyboard shortcuts for rogue-like speed
- “Always on top” option to keep d20 floating over all other windows
- Great for DMs - roll secretly!
- Made with love by an independent developer and Dungeon Master :-)

リリース ノート

2018/01/01 | バージョン : 2.0.1 | サイズ : 50.8 MB

- Redesigned from the ground up to be more intuitive and powerful
- Presets! Re-use dice roll formulas with one click
- Editable dice roll formulas. Now you can type your rolls!
- Custom dice. Roll an any-sided die up to 1000 sides. (Ex: 3d50, 1d2)
- RANDOM.ORG integration: get true randomness based on atmospheric noise
- Dark Mode and Light Mode
- Fresh new icon!

2017/07/04 | バージョン : 1.0.1 | サイズ : 40.8 MB


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エンターテインメント , ゲーム , さいころ , ロールプレイング

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