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MacFamilyTree 8

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デベロッパー Synium Software GmbH

MacFamilyTree 8.2 Launch Sale - 50% Discount until July, 2nd 2017!

MacFamilyTree 8 gives genealogy a facelift: modern, interactive, convenient and fast. Explore your family tree and your family history in a way generations of chroniclers before you would have loved to do. MacFamilyTree helps you capture your family history and turns data and facts into conclusive reports and visually impressive charts. No matter how you want to illustrate your family relationships – MacFamilyTree 8 has the right solution for you, offering different types of reports, charts or the innovative Virtual Tree 3D view.

Brand-new and unique: CloudTree Sync&Share (macOS Sierra required)

MacFamilyTree 8.1 comes with the brand new CloudTree feature - it is now possible for the first time to work on the same family tree with any number of users and in real time. All changes to your tree will be transferred and available to all other users invited by you within a few seconds. CloudTree operates in compliance with the highest data protection standards.

Your possibilities are nearly endless – optionally synchronize your data via iCloud or CloudTree, access a huge genealogical online archive to assist your research, create websites and family books or do your research on the go with MobileFamilyTree 8, available separately for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

MacFamilyTree 8 Overview:

- well-structured, fast and easy-to-use user interface

- the new Interactive Family Tree: Lets you navigate your entire family tree, view all persons and families, and add persons directly

- CloudTree Sync&Share: Sync your tree with your own devices or share and collaborate with other users

- FamilySearch: Doing extensive research has never been more convenient - access the world's biggest genealogical archive with several billions of person and family records from the comfort your home.

- Genealogical research developed specifically for macOS in order to harness cutting-edge Apple technologies for optimized application performance

Display your family tree: Charts, reports, views, and lists

- Numerous chart and view options, such as the Hourglass Chart, Ancestor Chart, Timeline, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics, Name Distribution (by first and last names), Statics Maps (based on Apple Maps), Fan Chart, Kinship Chart, Genogram or Globe

- Numerous report options, such as Person Report, Family Report, Kinship Report, Narrative Report, Places List, Events List, Special Features Report, Person Analysis, Anniversaries, Person Lists, Marriage Lists, Plausibility Report, Source List, Task List, Map Report, Descendant Report, and more.

- Use the Virtual Globe feature to see how your family has spread across the globe in the course of time

- The MacFamilyTree 8 Virtual Tree shows your family history from an entirely new perspective - a 3D perspective!

- Full retina support. The user interface and all charts and views support high-resolution screens for optimized display quality

Research and publish

- Use FamilySearch to collaborate with your relatives or millions of other users or browse billions of person entries, which you can download directly into your family tree.

- Publish your family tree free of charge at – optional password protection available.

- Interview contemporary witnesses and save your videos or audio footage along with your notes

- All charts and reports may be shared directly from within MacFamilyTree via Mail, Messages, Twitter or Facebook.

- The Family Quiz: Find out just how well you know your family tree

.... and so much more!

リリース ノート

2017/06/25 | バージョン : 8.2.1 | サイズ : 185.4 MB
New & Improved Charts
- New Fractal Tree Chart
- New Horizontal/Vertical Fractal Chart
- New Symmetrical Fractal Tree Chart
- New Fractal Circular Tree Chart
- Completely rewritten styling of most charts
- Many configureable styling options to choose from
- Configureable event & fact display
- Configureable line styles
- Configureable shadow styles
- Size of boxes can be increased/decreased depending on generation in nearly all charts for better space efficiency
- Greatly improved performance rendering charts
- Select custom fonts in all charts
- Labels can now be displayed in each chart
- New background styles
- Improved Timeline (configureable coloring and styles)
- Reference Numbers can be shown in all charts
- Display of kinships now available in the Genogram Chart
- Tree Chart now displays family events like marriage and divorce correctly

Improved Fan Chart
- Configureable styles added
- Improved Fan Chart text rendering
- Much improved performance

Improved Charts Editor & Printing
- Configureable pagination layout for poster printing
- Option to automatically layout objects to a specific count of pages
- When printing to multiple pages, a page number can be printed on each page for easy identification
- Unlimited undo while editing a chart
- Improved user interface

FamilySearch improvements
- Performance of FamilySearch integration in the Interactive Tree dramatically improved
- Comparing local and FamilySearch persons improved
- Coordinates of places are automatically downloaded from FamilySearch
- LDS Ordinances added (reserve, print, share with Temple etc.)
- Family Tree is automatically scanned for possible LDS Ordinances that can be reserved

- Improved organisation of functions
- Keyboard navigation added to the Interactive Tree
- GEDCOM import and interoperability with other apps improved
- Date interpretation when exporting GEDCOM files improved
- Options added to configure which additional names to display in addition to the full name
- CloudTree performance improved

Version 8.2.1 solves issues in the Narrative Report as well as a bug in the GEDCOM Export.

2017/03/21 | バージョン : 8.1.4 | サイズ : 199.8 MB
Issue syncing with CloudTree fixed
Issue merging persons in a family tree fixed
Touch Bar integration using the Interactive Tree improved

2017/01/05 | バージョン : 8.1.2 | サイズ : 199.8 MB
MacFamilyTree 8.1 comes with the brand new CloudTree feature - it is now possible for the first time to work on the same family tree with any number of users and in real time. All changes to your tree will be transferred and available to all other users invited by you within a few seconds. CloudTree operates in compliance with the highest privacy standards and relies on Apple's iCloud infrastructure.

CloudTree Sync

CloudTree syncs only changes. Sounds like a no-brainer to you? Well, it isn’t. The old iCloud sync always needed to transfer your complete family tree file. If you change just one person’s birthday, the whole file had to be uploaded and download again. With CloudTree Sync, only that single event has to be synchronized. This means faster sync than ever while consuming just very little bandwidth. Even sync via cellular network is no longer an issue.

CloudTree Share

Invite other iCloud users to work with them on the same family tree. All changes are synched within seconds and are available on all other devices. Just have a look at the change log if you want to know which entries changed and who contributed to your tree. There’s also a read-only mode if you like to show your tree to family members but don’t want them to edit anything.

Other improvements:

- Support for Touch Bar added, several contextual functions are directly accessible from the small display above the keyboard on the recently introduced MacBook Pro
- Improved place selection and management
- Better Web Site export performance
- Improved configuration of the Kinship report
- Timeline chart can now be filtered using Smart Filters
- Place list can now be sorted by state, county and country
- Many new Smart Filter options added

Fixes for Version 8.1.1:
- Problem displaying the Map Report fixed
- Rare crash issue fixed during syncing with CloudTree
- Touch Bar updating issue fixed

Fixes for Version 8.1.2:
- Rare issue fixed where CloudTree does not sync a specific entry type
- Fixed FamilySearch "Reject all Matches" button
- New LDS Temples added


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