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Road Tripper

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デベロッパー ZurApps Research Inc.

Organize your trips on Apple Maps! Add the places you wish to visit! For each place, add a name, description, arrival and departure date, URL, phone number and address.

Perfect app for travelers, salespeople, trucking companies, and couriers...

Add a place by holding your finger on the desired location on the map or search points of interest and add them to your trip. Red pins will be dropped for the search results. Click a result pin to see details - including reviews from Yelp.

Routes can be displayed
• By car
• Walking
• Direct

Share Actions for your trips:
• Print the list of places
• Email the list of places
• Share a copy of the trip to other users or to yourself, for backup
• Export the list of places as GPX KML CSV files
• Duplicate the trip
• Email the list of places as a PDF file
• Export to iCloud

PREMIUM Subscription
• Unlocks storage rights to the ZurApps Vault to export and import trips using a private key
• Grants unlimited access to download and upload documents within ZurApps Library
• Activates additional features such as creating multiple trips and several ways of sharing trips

A free trial period of one month will begin when subscribing.

Three subscription options are available:
• 1 Month priced at $4.99(USD) / 4,99€ (EUR)
• 3 Months priced at $9.99(USD) / 9,99€ (EUR) (SAVE 33%)
• 1 Year priced at $29.99(USD) / 29,99€ (EUR) (SAVE 50%)

The subscription will be automatically charged at the end of the trial period, and thereafter at the end of each period, unless the auto-renew is turned off more than 24-hours before the end of the active period.
You can manage your subscription in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. It is not possible to cancel the current subscription.

The ZurApps Library is hosted by ZurApps Research and it is continuously updated with new documents created by ZurApps Research as well as with user submitted documents monitored and approved by ZurApps Research.

The ZurApps Vault provides private storage and is hosted by ZurApps Research.

The FREE VERSION allows to:
• Create 1 trip with up to 20 places
• Open and edit trips shared by other Road Tripper users
• Open and edit trips created during any active subscription periods
• Import from iCloud
• Import trips from the ZurApps Vault using a private key
• Use all of the app features with the exception of features in the Share Actions menu which includes several ways of sharing trips

The information contained above in this app description fully describes the terms of use for the app.

Privacy Policy:

• Road Tripper* – iOS app with Google Maps
• Road Tripper!* – iOS app with Apple Maps
• Road Tripper* – macOS app with Apple Maps
• Road Tripper PRO** – macOS app with Apple Maps

*TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! - FREE app that includes In-App Purchase for PREMIUM Subscription with a free trial period of one month
**Road Tripper PRO includes perpetual access to the capabilities included with PREMIUM Subscription and does not include any In-App Purchases.

Video Tutorials available at

Twitter: @RoadTripperApp | @zurapps


リリース ノート

2018/01/16 | バージョン : 15.5 | サイズ : 14.7 MB
my Speed
User’s definable average speed for showing a calculated average time in addition to the estimated time based on selected travel type:
• on BY CAR (fast route)
• on WALKING (scenic route)

Useful if you are planning a road trip on a scooter or a motorcycle.

If the selected speed is not zero, the calculated time is displayed in the Place Info and the trip details and it is indicated by the icon that you associate with the average speed.

2018/01/03 | バージョン : 15.4 | サイズ : 14.6 MB
• 9 options for the route color

• Total distance, transportation type for routing and the number of places are displayed on the main screen below the trip name beside the button for refreshing the route

2017/11/18 | バージョン : 15.3 | サイズ : 14.0 MB
Function to search text in the list of places highlights the ones that contain the text in the title, description, address, phone number or url fields

Additional subscription options that offer a significant saving

Removed automatic synchronization of trips from iCloud to correct issue with app non-responsive shortly after launch on iOS 11

On-demand iCloud integration via Action menu:
• Export to iCloud
• Import from iCloud

The iCloud file name was added to the iCloud list of documents shown for the option Import from iCloud


カテゴリ :
#15 : トップ無料 Mac App [旅行]
#69 : トップセールス Mac App [旅行]

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX :

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX


仕事効率化 , 旅行

サポートされているデバイス : Mac OS



価格 : 無料
プラットフォーム : iPhone/iPad
デベロッパー ZurApps Research Inc.
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価格 : ¥11,800
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デベロッパー ZurApps Research Inc.

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デベロッパー ZurApps Research Inc.



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