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デベロッパー Pascal Freiburghaus

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DiabetesPal is a diabetes management software. There is also the companion iOS App on the iTunes Store. This is the first Diabetes Software that syncs your data using iCloud or Dropbox! So your data is accessible on all your devices. Use the iOS App to input the data during the day and analyze your data on your desktop.

Key features:
Log all relevant information for your diabetes management:
- Blood sugar
- Insulin (Bolus, Basal)
- Medications
- Ketone in mmol/L and free form
- HbA1C
- Weight/Height
- Carbs
- Duration of Activities
- Blood Pressure
- Pulse

Get a quick overview with tabular reports:
- Diary with glucose sorted by time of day and insulin data
- Blood sugar statistic with minimal/maximal values by time of day
- Insulin/Carbs Ratio report

Understand your data with nice built in graphs:
- Blood glucose graph
- Insulin graph
- Blood sugar by time of day
- HbA1C graph
- Standard Day/Standard Week graph to compare different days/weeks in one graph
- Blood Pressure graph

All reports and graphs can also be printed out or sent to your doctor.

International units for the various measurements are configurable (mmol/L, mg/dL, %). Changing these preferences will also automatically translate existing entries into these units.

Importers for various Diabetes devices:
- Abbott Freestyle Libre
- Abbott Optium/Precision NEO
- Abbott Freestyle Lite/Freedom Lite
- BayerContour Next USB
- Bayer Contour Next Link
- Bayer Contour NEXT (ATTENTION: Contour Next Link 2.4 is not supported)
- GlucoRx Nexus
- Medtronic CSV File and CSV Files
- Accu-Check Smart Pix (CGM Pumps as well)
- Accu-Chek Mobile
- Bluetooth LE based devices: AccuChek Guide, Contour Next One...

Automated download of data from the following websites:
- carelink.minimed.eu from Medtronics devices
- Nokia/Withings health account

Data can be synced to other devices (Mac or iOS devices) with Dropbox or iCloud (In-App purchase needed)

The free application offers up to 100 entries without cloud syncing. Standard License In-App Purchase offers unlimited number of entries. Cloud Sync license offers the possibility to sync data to other devices (separate purchase for iPhone/iPad and Mac version needed).


リリース ノート

2019/09/24 | バージョン : 5.6 | サイズ : 13.3 MB
Some important Bugfixes:
- Fixed scaling problem in Weight/Height graph
- Improved Bluetooth sync, no more duplicates and correct timestamps

2019/02/19 | バージョン : 5.2 | サイズ : 14.2 MB
- Worked on the stability and fixed some crashes
- Better choice of default units for glucose, height and weight for first time users.
- Layout of report window changed

2019/02/11 | バージョン : 5.1 | サイズ : 14.3 MB
Urgent bugfix for Preferences window.


カテゴリ :
#44 : トップ無料 Mac App [医学]
#79 : トップセールス Mac App [医学]

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX :

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX


健康/フィットネス , 医学

Mac OS


DiabetesPal HD
DiabetesPal HD

価格 : ¥600
プラットフォーム : iPhone/iPad
デベロッパー Pascal Freiburghaus

価格 : ¥100
プラットフォーム : iPhone/iPad
デベロッパー Pascal Freiburghaus


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