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Full-featured, fast CAD and architectural design solution to create precise drawings, projects, layouts, and work with DWG® drawings.

Developed specifically for the actual needs of architects, engineers, and design professionals, HighDesign Pro combines advanced drafting and design tools with a modern, efficiency-oriented user interface designed to assist the user in all the phases of the creative process. HighDesign Pro provides an extensive range of powerful technical functions, from the essential drafting methods to more advanced, parametric tools like vector hatches and patterns, smart annotations, symbols with multiple views and more.

Compound walls, columns, and parametric doors and windows with variable level of detail allow the quick creation of accurate architectural plans.
Multiple layers and sheets with own drawing scale, units, and page size allow to have an entire project contained in one document. Add named project views, styles, presets, custom shortcuts, and templates for an efficient and time-saving workflow.

HighDesign Pro also provides special tools such as 2D Photogrammetry, to produce scaled and perspective-correct elevations from a single picture, image editing functions, and drawing presentation filters.
The responsive User Interface fits different screen sizes, maximising the use of space and focusing on the project.

The Radial Menu brings together all the relevant tools and functions in one, convenient visual menu. The tools are presented where they are needed according to the current context, allowing the user to stay focused on the drawing.

Design Features:
• Easy project management with groups, unlimited layers, sheets, project views, styles, templates and resources like symbols, line types, hatches and vector patterns that can be easily extended and customised.
• Advanced selection and search functions.
• Bindings between tools, layers, colours, and pen weights for one-click project organisation.
• Geometric snaps and smart alignments that automatically recognise perpendicular and parallel directions and intersections between two alignments.
• Color fills and gradients with varying colours and transparency.
• Textures
• Rich library of symbols, line types, hatches and patterns.

Printing, Publishing, Import and Export:
• Advanced Print functions: layout, multiple pages, margin marks, optional monochrome output, scaling, and the ability to print the entire drawing, the selected views or a defined print area.
• HighDesign Pro imports and exports AutoCAD® DXF, DXB and DWG® files from version R12 to 2018/19.
• Ability to open, embed and export images as JPEG, PNG with alpha channel, GIF, PDF and TIFF.

Drawing Tools:
• Construction objects: datum points and guides.
• Lines, multiple lines, double lines.
• Polyline tool with line segments and arcs.
• Rectangles and parametric Regular Polygons tool.
• Parametric vector Hatches and Patterns with islands and Gradient Fills.
• Parametric Walls with automatic intersections, Columns, Doors and Windows
• Circles and Arcs, Ellipses and Arcs of Ellipses.
• Curves: Freehand; Bezier Path; Spline; Revision Cloud.
• Texts tool with support for multiple styles and writing directions.
• Smart Annotations that automatically extract the information from parametric objects.
• Linear, multiple, radial, angular, ordinate and elevation dimensions.
• Parametric Symbols with multiple views and the ability to extend the custom libraries.
• Panning and Zoom tool with support for gestures.
• Print Areas of printable rectangular portions of the drawing.
• Measure tool.

Editing Functions:
• Transformations: Move, Duplicate, Multiply, Rotate, Mirror, Stretch, Scale and more.
• Linear Editing: Mark Intersection, Join, Extend, Split, Trim, Divide in Parts, Break.
• Modifications: Fillet and Chamfer, Offset, Extrude, Explode, Convert Into Polyline, Apply Hatch, Calculate Area and more.

Advanced tools:
• Photogrammetry
• Drawing Presentation
• Adjust Image


リリース ノート

2020/04/29 | バージョン : 2020.1.1 | サイズ : 93.9 MB
• Simpler and more powerful management of embedded images.
• More options to set the size of text blocks and new Insert Special Character command.
• Standard-compliant positioning of dimension labels.
• Enhanced Bézier Path and Spline tools.
• Custom insertion points in symbols.
• Improved Snap to Grid with support for subdivisions and increased accuracy.
• Added Snap inside viewports for the easy alignment of views in layouts.
• Improved support for Detail sheets.
• Better DWG compatibility.
• Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

2019/11/13 | バージョン : 2019.2.1 | サイズ : 91.7 MB
This update contains stability improvements, bug fixes and better support for theme switching.

2019/09/24 | バージョン : 2019.1.2 | サイズ : 91.4 MB
HighDesign R5 is a massive update that brings over 60 new features and improvements for project organization, design tools, interoperability features, and much more.

• New specialized sheet types: Details linked to callouts and Layouts with viewports and title blocks.
• All new Project Browser.
• Object Styles and Building Element Types for easy project standardization.
• New Styles & Types pane in Resource Manager. Styles and types can be saved in a custom library.
• Project and element information for non-graphical data, and tags with automatic associative content.
• Added ability to export and import layer sets as .xml files

• New Tag annotation method: tags automatically display information associated with certain element types. Hatches, Symbols and all building elements support tags.
• Added Type and Instance text information, which can be viewed via tag annotations.
• Completely redesigned the Project Information panel of Project Settings. The new panel include properties for client, project location, project phase and status, and more.
• New Title Block element.
• Detail Area (previously “Print Area”): revised the appearance; becomes a Callout when associated to a Detail
• Improved text padding
• Auto-fit is now a property of the text instance: text blocks with auto-fit now automatically adapt their size to the contents
• New Viewport tool. Viewports are windows that display a part of a drawing in a layout.
• Redesigned color filters now can be applied to print, publish to PDF and layout viewports

• Symbols: added Attributes to attach editable labels to symbols
• Full support for verbal drawing scales (e.g. 1“ = 1'-0”)
• Completely redesigned Object Info, now with collapsible, thematic panes.
• Enhanced geometric editing: rectangles can be deformed and many other enhancements.
• Improved the visual feedback of snaps.
• Rectangles can now display diagonals as an option.
• Improved the Drawing Scale dialog with more options.

• Walls: Improved support for the “Joints” option
• Walls: leading side and Invert sides are now instance options, and as such can be found in Object Info
• Windows/Doors: improved input of rough and nominal widths
• Windows/Doors: redesigned the Reveal and added Slanted and Splayed reveals
• Windows/Doors: redesigned the Frame Dimensions section with more control over sizes and offsets
• Doors: added glass panel type
• Windows/Doors: added control over interior and exterior casing and casing sizes

• Updated user interface and full support for macOS themes.
• Completely customizable sidebar: arrange, resize and move panels; collapse and expand the sidebar to maximize the drawing area.
• New dock for view tools
• Reorganized the main menu bar: the “Organize” menu is replaced by “Project”; all the items pertaining the project, such as Project Settings, Resource Manager, Groups, Symbols, Layers and Sheets are now in the Project menu.
• Main tool bar: tools methods are now also available on a popup window.
• Main tool bar: reorganized some tools for consistency.
• Tool Inspector: each tool that has advanced settings now opens its own independent Settings panel.

• Supports DXF & DWG® 2018/2019
• Redesigned the way drawings and sheets are exported to DXF/DWG
• DXF/DWG: added support for Block Attributes, Layouts and Viewports
• Improved Publish to PDF
• Print adds the ability to scale the drawing by a fixed percent amount

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