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MoneyControl - Income and Expense tracker

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MoneyControl – the highly successful budget-book app for iPhone and iPad is now available for the Mac!

A budget-book app needs to be simple and intuitive, otherwise you’ll quickly stop using it and lose track of your finances. The interface is kept simple while providing you with all the features you need to plan and manage your finances. Nothing more, nothing less.

Recurring payments are created automatically, and new incomes and expenses can be entered with just a few clicks letting you keep an overview of your finances so you stop experiencing those nasty surprises at the end of the month.

We believe in "try before you buy": You can download MoneyControl free of charge. The free version can be used for an unlimited time and is fully functional; however, the maximum number of entries is limited to 20 per month. Making a simple In-App Purchase costing just 12.99 USD, you can permanently remove this restriction. Put MoneyControl to the test and you’ll soon want to buy it.

The extensions for PDF reports and photos in entries can also be tested first free of charge and are available as separate 2.99 USD In-App Purchases as well.

You only have to buy your In-App Purchases once and they can then be used on ALL your Mac OS X devices, even after restoring your device.

This feature lets you add a photo to all your entries, eliminating the hassle of archiving paper receipts. Simply take a picture of the entered receipt and add it to the entry. This function is available as an In-App Purchase.

Easily add new entries on the go using your MacBook or iOS device and organize them at home. Thanks to the integrated Dropbox sync function, all your entries and data are available on all your devices. A great idea for you, couples and teams.

► Try for free and without any risk
► Sync via Dropbox
► Add a photo of paper receipts, bills and invoices to your entries (separate In-App Purchase)
► Create, print and share PDF reports (separate In-App Purchase)
► All your data stays in your hands: No Registration. No data is sent to us
► All your information is displayed clearly at a glance
► Manage different accounts and transfers between them
► Enter new income or expense entries with just a few clicks
► Recurring payments are created automatically
► Preview upcoming months and payments
► Categorize payments based on user-configurable categories, people, groups and notes
► Easy export of data in CSV format for Excel
► Automatic internal backups
► Set a different financial month (e.g. starting on the 5th of each month)
► and lots more besides...

For further details and help, visit

We are constantly working on MoneyControl to make it even better. Many suggestions from our users have already been implemented in several updates. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome and will be considered for further updates. All updates are free, naturally.

A great app needs great support. Many users have mentioned our great and fast support in their reviews but unfortunately Apple offers no way to answer questions via the App Store. Please contact us directly or use the forum on our website.


リリース ノート

2017/02/21 | バージョン : 2.5 | サイズ : 4.3 MB
► NEW: Updated the app to use the latest Dropbox interface. The interface that was used before will be shut down by Dropbox in the near feature and can thus not be used any longer. Unfortunately the latest Dropbox interface can only be used in macOS 10.10+. Thus the app had to drop the support for older macOS version as well.

2016/06/20 | バージョン : 2.4 | サイズ : 3.9 MB
► NEW: Automatically sync all your devices using the new MoneyControl WebApp. More information can be found on Or contact us directly:

2016/05/10 | バージョン : 2.3 | サイズ : 4.0 MB
► Bugfix: Resolved a bug that could prevent the app from working properly on OS X 10.7 and 10.8
► Preparations for the new MoneyControl WebApp. Would you like to already try and test the WebApp? Just let us know and we will send you additional:


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デベロッパー Priotecs IT GmbH
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