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デベロッパー Rustem Mussabekov

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If you have any issues please check help page https://help.raindrop.io/mac-safari

Collect bookmarks
Collect articles, photos, videos and links from around the web. Attach note, tag or screenshot

Put bookmarks into collections. Each collection will have a unique look with custom icon and layout

Share & Collaborate
Work together on collections with colleagues, friends and family or make them public and share collection with the rest of the world

Sync with iPhone and iPad


リリース ノート

2020/02/09 | バージョン : 2.3.2 | サイズ : 4.5 MB
Fix Share extension when some URLs are truncated

2019/09/24 | バージョン : 2.2.9 | サイズ : 4.7 MB
Removed additional permissions

2019/06/19 | バージョン : 2.2.2 | サイズ : 4.6 MB
New features:
- Shows status of saved page as badge on button
- Dedicated "Share extension". Now you can save pages from other browsers and apps (only links yet)
- To save from context menu in Safari please enable new "Share extension"

- Safari extension now requires only history permission. No more full access to web pages
- Welcome screen is redesigned. Now you can enable Safari and share extension separately
- Now extension enable status is checked

Bug fixes
- Login flow is improved. No more login issues
- In-app purchase flow fixed
- Some web pages could not be added in version 2.2.1, now fixed

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX :

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX


教育 , 仕事効率化 , グラフィック&デザイン

Mac OS



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プラットフォーム : iPhone/iPad
デベロッパー Rustem Mussabekov



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Number Place2
Number Place2

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3D ボウリング
3D ボウリング

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Valentine Connect
Valentine Connect

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