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デベロッパー Kevin Kirkhoff

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If you play a cards and dice baseball game like Strat-O-Matic or APBA Baseball you know the challenge of keeping track of your game and season stats. Currently most of us track our stats with either an Excel spreadsheet or a text file. Some even use software designed for live baseball games. While that software is good, it's overkill.

Enter StatKeeper. StatKeeper is specifically geared for post-game data entry.
Create a league, enter your teams, and then players. After that, start entering your game stats.
StatKeeper tracks individual games. Shows league leaders. Go back and edit individual games.


リリース ノート

2020/02/09 | バージョン : 1.18.45 | サイズ : 5.4 MB
- Validation Page: You can find orphan/useless records and delete them
- Top 5 Page: Menus and Games box behave like other pages
- Leaders, Validation, Top 5 Pages all load faster and feature a progress bar to let you know what is going on.
- Bug Fixes:
- Deleting a season after adding a season without leaving the Seasons page would delete the wrong season.
- When no players were in the Top 5 list, the program would abort.

2019/12/15 | バージョン : 1.17 | サイズ : 5.4 MB
Top Five page:
- Added "X players tied with Y" to lists
- Added Top 5 Teams

Fixed a bug where showing teams by city or mascot prohibited players from being listed.

2019/12/14 | バージョン : 1.16 | サイズ : 5.4 MB
- Quality Starts are computed
- You can list games on the Schedule page by game number or date
- Added window titles
- Changed minimum innings and ABs to minimum games on the Leaders page
- Added a new Top 5 page.


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