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デベロッパー Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd.

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UP Studio is from Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. It integrates several functions like model showing, model editor,model generator and model printing.
Model Showing: UP Studio supports stl and UP3 format files. It show complicated model more fluently than other 3d software.
Model Editor: UP Studio includes model rotation, translation, scaling, consolidation and other operations.
Model Generator: UP Studio provides several ways to obtain model,like generating from a image or download form Tiertime cloud.
Model Printing: UP Studio provides a user friendly GUI which can support UP serial printer well.
1. It can continue to play after power outaging.
2. It can connect with a 3D printer by wifi and usb.
3. You can customize material through UP Studio
4.You can save ten model at the same time and reprint them.
Moreover,UP Studio provides a bunch of help vedios of UP serials printer. And, it is a good platform to share your printer job to your friend.Hope you like it!


リリース ノート

2020/02/29 | バージョン : 2.6.4 | サイズ : 105.0 MB
1, Upgraded the Material Profile Manager, the Matdef
a, Interface redesign for more user friendly GUI.
b, Mac support for MPM.
2, Various Bug Fixes.

2019/09/24 | バージョン : 2.6.3 | サイズ : 105.1 MB
1. Optimize the international language.
2. Update material parameters.
3. Fix the switch connection error of multiple printers at the top.
4, Box, Cetus series printer pause to restore error.
5. Tsk import or operation program crash, and Tsk transmission UI display error.

2019/03/28 | バージョン : 2.6.2 | サイズ : 105.1 MB
1、The problem that model files cannot be saved has been solved.
2、It solves the problem of using wrong interface internationalization language.

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX :

スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX スクリーン ショット Mac OSX


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